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Keanu Kicks Major 'Matrix' Booty!

May 15 is just around the corner, and the countdown to the highly anticipated 'The Matrix Reloaded' is underway! Our own BOB GOEN visited the hard-working cast of producer JOEL SILVER's 'Matrix' sequel during the arduous shoot to find out just how high they're raising the bar for the next installment!

"When I was training for the first one we wanted to raise the bar," KEANU REEVES tells Bob. "Now it's, 'I want there to be, like, no bar. Forget about it.'"

Bob interviewed Keanu on day 211 of the back-to-back shoots for 'The Matrix Reloaded' and its sequel, 'The Matrix Revolutions.' At that point, the cast and crew were so deep into the rabbit hole that some were getting quite homesick.

"I've only been here for nine months," explains Keanu of the Australian location. "I'm going to cry. Don't make me cry. This film pushes you. ... I mean, acting is something I think is beautiful, but it is just missing home and missing friends and family, that's the hardest thing."

Compounding those feelings was the rigorous physicality of the role, with its wirework, weapons training, martial arts, and the sometimes incessant takes to get it just right.

"I did take 72 in a kung-fu sequence," says the now-38-year-old actor. "We got to take 72. It was like one, two, three, four, five [punches] and I had to do a kick, seven, eight, and, duck, nine, and a backhand, so there was, like, 10 [moves]."

Although co-directors ANDY and LARRY WACHOWSKI are keeping the 'Matrix' sequel storylines tightly under wraps, you can be assured that LAURENCE FISHBURNE, CARRIE-ANNE MOSS and bad guy HUGO WEAVING turn up the heat for the back-to-back sequels. Newcomers to the fold include JADA PINKETT SMITH and MONICA BELLUCCI.

After 'The Matrix Reloaded' opens in theaters May 15, 'The Matrix Revolutions' will be released on November 5. Die-hard fans who can't wait 'til the 'Reloaded' premiere should check out new stories from the 'Animatrix,' coming to DVD June 3 and streaming on the 'Animatrix' website!

So, after the 'Matrix' trilogy finishes up in theaters, will Keanu be ready for a 'Matrix 4'? "It will be someone else," he sighs. "I'm tired."

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Matrix, The , Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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