Sci Fi Wire (US), May 5, 2003

Reeves: Reloaded Has More

Keanu Reeves, who reprises the role of Neo in the upcoming sequel film The Matrix Reloaded, told SCI FI Wire that the new movie is more ambitious than 1999's original Matrix. "It fractures out," Reeves said in an interview. "It splinters out, and there's many more ... stories being told. There's a lot of new characters."

The first Matrix has a straighter narrative, Reeves said. But "I don't know if the ideas are so straight-ahead in terms of dual realities and what is reality? And what is truth? And what is fate? And dealing with man and technology ... and the whole aspect of trying to find an authentic life," he added.

As for the physical demands of the role, Reeves said, "it took a lot of training. The usual four or five months before, and then just training while [shooting]. I would have a fight, do some acting, the choreographer would come in, and then the training with that. I mean, it's demanding, but it's also one of my favorite parts of the piece." But Reeves added that his experience on the first Matrix helped. "I was a lot better, more proficient at the wire work, and also it seemed that I was able to catch on to the choreography much quicker."

In a key scene, in which Reeves' Neo battles 100 Agent Smiths, played by Hugo Weaving, Reeves said, "I got to work with 12 of the stunt men. So for three weeks we just did that, the fight. The other thing was just trying to learn the weapons. There was a lot of different weapons: the scythes and the swords and the stick ... and the long staff. There was a lot to learn."

The Matrix Reloaded opens May 15.

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