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Carrie-Anne Moss on the Sexier Side of 'The Matrix Reloaded'

by Vanessa Sibbald

Carrie-Anne Moss is radiant as she sits down to discuss her latest film, "The Matrix Reloaded." Perhaps adding to her glow is the fact that the actress is about five and a half months into her first pregnancy with husband, fellow actor Steven Roy.

"I'm very, very excited to have a baby. It's all good," she smiles.

If it seems that Trinity is miles away, that's because she is. Moss has recently sworn off action flicks that require her to do extensive training.

"It's just physically too difficult. It's hard on your body and you want to do things that take care of your body, you don't want to trash your body, you know?" she tells

But in talking to the actress, it appears that Moss may have made this choice before she started work on "The Matrix" sequels, which were shot back-to-back -- before she broke her leg during the shoot and before she decided to have a baby. Going into the project, Moss says she decided early on to cherish the project because it would probably be the last of its kind in her career.

"When am I ever going to be in a movie like this again? Never probably. When am I going to work for two years of my life on one project? Never. It doesn't happen as an actor, you work three months," she says. "I had an assistant and I had a trainer and I had somebody cooking for me -- I don't have that life. I wanted to really take it in and enjoy it because I don't know if that will ever happen again for me like that."

"And I loved the people so much, I loved the story, I loved the character that I'm playing and I really wanted to respect the whole process. I wanted to take it as school, I guess, life school. And not be just asleep through it and just be about the work and have it be over. I wanted to feel everything and be in everything."

Unlike many franchises, which milk their concepts until the last penny is squeezed out, Moss says that the directors, Larry and Andy Wachowski, have made it clear that "The Matrix Revolutions," which is set for release in November, will be the end of "The Matrix" -- at least in film.

"They've completed their story and I feel like I've completed my story with it," she says. "I loved it and I mean, I really loved every minute of making all three of the movies, but I think you know when a good thing is over.

She adds that when the Wachowskis approached her to do the two sequels after the success of the 1999 film, she accepted without even reading the script.

"If you knew them, you would say yes because they're so incredible that you want to be part of it. Also the first experience of making 'The Matrix' was so fantastic for me."

Moss says she was surprised by the success of the first one and the fame that came with it, which she calls "incredible" and "overwhelming."

"I started to get the feeling as I was driving down Hollywood Blvd. seeing the lineups still a month later that people were really into this movie. And people were being so affected by Trinity and the movie, but girls coming up to me and talking about 'you're a girl hero.' I just thought I was having this personal journey," she laughs.

"I think Trinity is just the greatest character that I could ever play. I don't expect to play another woman that wonderful," she adds.

In the sequels, fans will get to see a more sensual side of the character.

"You get to see more of her, not just the warrior side -- you get to see the woman and I like that so much. Because it's much more interesting to play someone who's got many layers and levels to them," she says. "It was challenging to find the romantic side of her because I'm so used to playing Trinity in a very hard-core, serious ... I mean, physically I look different when I put on the Trinity outfit, my face changes. I don't know what that is, I get more intense and my whole face gets tighter."

Picking up where the last film left off, in "Reloaded" Trinity and Neo are now a couple -- at least as much of a couple you can be given that Neo's mission is to free humans from the Matrix.

"I like the relationship that Neo and Trinity have because I felt that it was these partners who loved each other, respected each other and were part of each other's purposes," she says. "I believe that when you're with the right partner, then you can fulfill your purpose in life more easily. I think you can pretty much be with anybody if you choose to be, but there's certain people when you're with them you feel like you can do anything and they're supportive of that. I felt that energy in the relationship."

Keanu Reeves, who plays Neo in the films, agrees, adding that the romantic scenes were his favorite to shoot.

"I think the relationship between Neo and Trinity were my favorite days, to work with Carrie-Anne just because we love and trust each other and enjoy working together," he says. "But that relationship, it's great to feel that; it's great to feel and give over that kind of respect and appreciation for someone else."

Still there was one scene in particular which made Moss nervous. A love scene between Trinity and Neo required both actors to be nude.

"You know I was a bit nervous about the sex scene. It was my big worry," she laughs. " I had a little anxiety about it because I'm a pretty private person and I'm not into nudity yet at the same time I wanted to make a beautiful scene and give them what they wanted. Ultimately it just worked out really well."

"I thought it was so beautifully done."

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