Metal Hammer (UK), May 6, 2003

Keanu An Thrax

The Matrix one Neo and Sum 41 have been filmed for cameo appearances in the new Anthrax video 'Safe Home'.

Guitarist Scott Ian confirmed the rumour in this online post from

"If you've been checking out our site for a while you may have seen pictures of Keanu Reeves shooting a cameo for the 'Safe Home' video. Well it's true. How fucking killer is that?!! He was so cool to do that for us. So many other people we contacted said they would do it, but when it came down to it, they flaked. People way less busy then Keanu. He's only the star of the most anticipated movie of the year, and what will be the greatest Sci-Fi epic of all time, THE FUCKING 'MATRIX' TRILOGY!! And he's going to be in an ANTHRAX video. SUM 41 is in it as well. They give us props everywhere they go and they went and did it on their own and gave me the footage. Very fucking cool. So expect a kick-ass performance clip with a cherry on top."

A U.S. tour with Motorhead is to kick off Wednesday (May 7th) is scheduled to kick off Wednesday night (May 7). Ian commented, "I'm excited to get back on tour in the States. It's been 15 months since the Priest tour. We've done two European tours since then. It's time to kick some U.S ass. We'll be doing an hour and fifteen minute set. Expect lots of new and old. Something from every record. The dates we did with Motorhead in Europe last year were so good and I have the same expectation from these dates. Time to represent. Show me how you do it motherfuckers. Let's go!"

Anthrax will be conducting a headline U.K in June and early July, with confirmed dates as follows:

Jun. 28 Nottingham, Rock City
Jun. 29 Cardiff, University
Jun. 30 Sheffield, Leadmill
Jul. 01 Glasgow, Barrowlands
Jul. 03 Manchester, University
Jul. 04 London, Astoria

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