Fox News (US), May 9, 2003

Leo's Girl in Margaritaville

by Roger Friedman
(snipped for Keanu content)

Backstage at the Tonight Show -- an unglamorous warren of worn out dressing rooms with mostly broken down furniture -- Gisele and the night's main guest, Keanu Reeves, were attended to by the crack staff.

In fact, what the Tonight Show doesn't have in physical amenities is made up for by a group of producers, assistants and pages who couldn't be more helpful or professional. The show runs like a well-trained military effort with no weak links along the chain.

Reeves took the room next to Gisele's, but the two had no contact other than on stage. As much as Gisele's group was a traveling party, Reeves' was the complete opposite -- organized, quiet, and earnest. And no partying. When Keanu came off stage, he asked a couple of strangers hanging around the hallway: "Was that OK?"

He did say, as we made small talk, that he was very happy with The Matrix Reloaded. He also said he had no immediate plans for other films (the third Matrix also comes out in November) other than a romantic comedy now filming with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. "It's a supporting role," he said matter-of-factly.

"Why did you take a supporting role?" I asked, considering that he's about to open in what may be the biggest movie of all time.

"It was a good script," he said, simply.


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