Bild am Sonntag (Ge), May 18, 2003

My dream - being able to fly like Superman

(Translated from German, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

by Antonia Steffens

Clad in casual clothes like jeans and t-shirt, Keanu Reeves looks nothing like the slick superhero from the Matrix. After about 40 movies and top salaries of up to 15 million dollars per movie, the 39 year old can relax - and that is what he did for his interview with VIVA-BAMS.

The shooting to "Matrix Reloaded" were adumbrated: Carrie-Anne Moss broke her leg, Laurence Fishburne sprained his wrist and Gloria Foster died at age 64. How did you handle that?
Sure, incidents like these don't make the work easier. All the more I concentrate myself on the acting. The more I work, the better I felt.

Your costume in the movie kinda looks like a robe of a priest, only the white collar was missing...
In normal life I wouldn't wear something like that. Or well, maybe as Halloween costume. But the sunglasses are pretty cool.

Contrary to the love scene with Carrie-Anne Moss! That was pretty hot! Were you actually naked?
"Well, let us say: nearly. We had those little cloth pieces to cover up our genitals. It definitely wasn't like Adam and Eve in paradise."

Monica Belucci says you are a fabulous kisser...
Oh, I can give that compliment right back, she also is a fantasic kisser. We already had to kiss each other all the time at the shooting of "Dracula". Strange, everytime we meet, we smooch. I cannot wait to meet her again (laughs).

Which of Neo's superpowers would you like to have?
Flying! Like Superman. That would be my dream.

Are you not afraid of falling into darkness?
I am, but if you don't take risks you cannot win.

In the second part you choose love instead of the challenge. Would you do it like that in real life, too?
Hmm. To be honest, I don't know.

You don't have a girlfriend then?
No, I don't.

Then we can ask without shame: who is the better kisser, Monica Belucci or Famke Janssen?
That is a mean question. In order to answer that I would have to kiss them both again!

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