Coventry Telegraph (UK), May 19, 2003

Matrix star 'swiped specs for souvenir'

A British DIY presenter-turned-Hollywood star told today how he swiped a prop from the set of The Matrix Reloaded - to recreate his starring role at home.

Neil Rayment, previously a handyman on ITV1's Better Homes, admitted he took a pair of dark glasses from his appearance in the movie.

He and the rest of the cast - including Keanu Reeves - are in the UK in preparation for the money-spinning fantasy film's premiere in London on Wednesday.

Rayment, together with his brother Adrian, plays dreadlocked albino twins in the film, admitted he now dresses up at home following his appearance.

"I did actually take one set of the action specs," he confessed today.

"I take them out, tie a cloth to my head and run around the room."

The film has taken in excess of £100 million in a matter of days and is due to be released in the UK this week.

The sequel to the hugely successful The Matrix again creates a dizzying spectacle and almost baffling plot, but star Laurence Fishburne today distilled the essence of its themes for anyone who was still scratching their heads at the end.

"Who am I, why am I here and what is my purpose? it's up to you to go and see the film again and go figure all that s*** out."

The Rayment twins made their movie debut in The Matrix Reloaded. It was their skills as martial arts instructors which won them the role in the film and took them away from their roles as TV DIY experts.

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