Daily Express (UK), May 22, 2003

Caring Keanu's Mercy Dash

Keanu Reeves - the saviour figure of the new Matrix Reloaded film - has displayed more heroism in real life. The Hollywood star, we learn, recently flew halfway round the world to save the life of his terminally ill younger sister Kim, who suffers from leukaemia.

Having flown from Australia to Los Angeles to put the final touches to the film which premiered in London last night, Keanu, 39, took a call from Kim who was on the Italian island of Capri. "but a few minutes into the conversation Kim dropped the phoned and there was silence," explains a family friend. "Keanu tried to dial her back but got a busy signal." Concerned, he grabbed his still unpacked bags and caught the next flight to Italy, calling police in Capri to ask them to check on her. Arriving in Rome 15 hours later, police told him they'd found her unconscious on the floor beside the phone and taken her to hospital explains the friend.

Via a connecting flight, Keanu rushed to his sister's bedside, finding her weak but alive. "Kim is Keanu's best friend and companion," says their father, Sam.

"He would give his life's blood for Kim and she would do the same for him. They have always been inseparable. For that I am very thankful."

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