Daily Express (UK), May 22, 2003

Keanu in Fight Club

Keanu Reeves had to flee a London nightclub when a fight broke out.

The Hollywood heart-throb, in Britain for the premiere of The Matrix Reloaded, was stunned when two rival gangs started scrapping in Mayfair's Funky Buddha.

He decided to call it a night when they started throwing glasses across the dance floor. Keanu had slipped into the club's VIP room with co-start Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Will Smith.

A dozen clubbers were involved in the fight just outside the room.

A friend said: "Keanu heard the commotion and was advised to get out quickly. As he left the gangs were at each other's throats by the door. He looked stunned."

Meanwhile, the gorgeous actor says he's rubbish with computers. He might be able to out-think super computers of The Matrix, but in real life he needs help sending an e-mail.

Keanu said: "I don't even own a computer. The only machine I love is my motorbike."


Matrix Reloaded, The

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