The Calgary Sun (Ca), May 25, 2003

Fight to forgive

Jailbird father hopes to make peace with son Keanu before he dies

‘Matrix Reloaded’ superstar Keanu Reeves’ estranged father, Samuel Reeves, 61, is desperately sick and wants to make peace with his son before he dies.

“I haven’t seen him for 25 years,” says Samuel, who recently got out of jail after serving time for drug dealing.

“I know I’ve done wrong, but I want his forgiveness before I go.” Keanu feels Samuel abandoned him and his sister, Kim, when he left their mother, Patricia, and so far doesn’t want to see his ailing dad. But he’s reunited with his half-sister, Emma Rose, 38, Samuel’s daughter by a second marriage.

Meanwhile, he continues to support his adored sister Kim, 35, in her fight against leukemia. PS: Matrix Reloaded is breaking all box-office records.

Prediction: Keanu won’t forgive his dying father, something he’ll live to regret. More tragedy comes when Kim’s condition worsens.

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