People (UK), May 25, 2003

Keanu's a Man of Few Words

AFTER weeks of blabbering on about nothing in particular, I finally met a superstar to tell you all about in My People.

I managed to collar Keanu Reeves at the premier of the Matrix Reloaded. Fancy that.

Now, I would like to tell you he was a lovely man who talked to me as a fellow human being, was courteous and made me laugh, but I can't.

Reeves has trained for months in Kung Fu for his role as Neo, spent hours in ice baths to soothe his aching muscles and read various books on ancient mythology to undertand his character.

So, you'd think he'd be buzzing at the opening night of the flick. No, not Keanu.

The shy pin-up had few words to say and what he did was fairly uninteresting.

On the other hand there was the bubbly Jada Pinkett Smith and producer Joel Silver, who were rumoured to have fallen out recently.

Instead, both bounced into the London premiere with widescreen smiles.

Joel told me: "It's done so well so far and I hope those catching the Matrix Reloaded in Britain and Ireland enjoy their night out.

"Making it has been a huge project and it's wonderful to come over here and see it finally hit the cinemas.''

Matrix Revolutions is due in November.

Now, as host of the premiere I should be able to spill the beans on the last part but, unfortunately, not even a £60 quid bribe could persaude Joel to reveal a single nugget of info.

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