Irish Examiner (Irl), May 30, 2003

Keanu's dad is still a heroin addict

The Matrix star Keanu Reeves' father, who has spent time in prison for drug offences, admits he is still addicted.

Samuel Reeves, 60, told Us Weekly magazine: “I never stopped for very long. Drugs for me is about having fun. I still love heroin. I use it daily. I’m an addict.”

The elder Reeves, who lives in Hawaii with his 79-year-old mother, has not seen his son in 24 years.

“When his band was playing in Honolulu near where I used to get my methadone, I dropped off a note with my phone number,” he told the magazine.

“I didn’t get any response.”

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GuestWhy not try to find forgiveness for his father? (2017-09-24 04:54:01)
 Why not try to find some peace though forgiveness with your father? Addiction is an illness like any other illness...
GuestPast is past, Enough is enough (2017-09-24 10:14:02)
 I may not knew him personally but I believe he has long forgiven his father. Despite of that, deep in his heart he still insists doesn't wants to participate anymore in his father's life.

We certainly can't judge him for his lack of interest to reconcile back with his father. We also doesn't know what exactly happened behide closed door in his life.

But in near future, we don't know. Hopefully he can find a courage to honor his father back & reclaim a life or home that he long for. Ameen...

Guestwhy not try (2017-09-24 15:56:26)
 to mind your own business and focus on your own family life and not that of a stranger?


GuestPast is past, enough is enough (2017-09-24 16:28:38)
 Got any issue you little pathetic? Why not you yourself say that directly in the face of Keanu?

Easy say than done !

GuestI might (2017-09-24 17:20:22)
 or might not have an issue with coward little anons telling the actor how to live his life or address his feelings about a family situation they don't know anything about. Anything I said here can be said at any time in front of Keanu. He'll probably appreciate it more than your meddling, condescending comments about stuff that does not concern you in any way, shape or form.
GuestPast is past, enough is enough (2017-09-24 21:45:36)
 Whatever lil' pathetic, the one that got an issue :P

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