Sky News (UK), May 30, 2003

Keanu To Join Coldplay?

Sky News gossip guru Neil Sean delivers the latest showbiz news:

Keanu Reeves is riding high with his latest Matrix movie.

With a £15m-per-movie pay deal, the star can certainly take a few chances with some other career options.

Remember the summer of '96 when Keanu and his indie band Dogstar made their UK festival debut at Reading?

Well, sadly that did not prove to be a great success for the actor who longs to be taken seriously as a rock star.

Now, though, I can reveal he is back on the rock trail.

Keanu recently held a secret meeting with the genius behind ultra-cool band Coldplay - Chris Martin.

My spies reveal that the two are planning to work on something together.

There may even be a musical collaboration for Keanu's band.

One thing's for sure - Keanu's dream of hitting the charts looks a whole lot healthier with Chris on board.

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