NME (UK), May 2003

The Night I Jammed With Neo

by Paul Moody/Martin Goodacre

It all came out of nothing one night in the early 90s. I was in a band called Fabulous at the time. One night, James our manager and our singer Simon went down to this club and got chatting to Keanu. He was in London filming, had a few days on his hands and was basically up for anything. Fabulous were on a roll so they told him we were the cutting edge of British rock'n'roll and understandably he wanted a piece of the action. He has his own band, Dogstar, and said he wanted to come down to our rehearsal the next day and jam with us. So the next day, Simon and James pull up at my flat and tell me they've got Keanu downstairs in the car.

Now the car in itself was something it had the words 'Arrest Me' sprayed in huge letters across the back but when I got down there, there was no sign of Keanu. When I turned around I heard this stifled laughter and realized that he was in the boot (trunk)! He'd just got in there when they picked him up because there was nowhere else to sit. I think he was used to it because of the times he'd dodged the paparazzi. The drummer in Dogstar was there and a girl he was seeing at the time: I think she was from Neighbours. Anyway, we drove off with Keanu still in the trunk. It must have been a half-hour drive. You could hear him giggling in the back every now and then. He looked a bit dishevelled but he got out like nothing had happened and said something like 'Awesome!'

Then we handed him a bass and he started playing really, really loud. He had all the moves too, but he wasn't much good. He couldn't play any of our songs because they were way too fast: he couldn't really keep up. In the end we just started playing the Velvet Underground's 'Sweet Jane'. It was pretty boring but he liked it. Every time we did a good version he'd say something like 'Awesome dude!', just like Bill and Ted.

He'd brought four cans of really weak lager with him but he only had one. There was no sign of his future life as Neo. I must say, I don't think you'd call it one of the greatest rock n roll jams but I hear the tapes are now going for thousands on the internet.

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Keanu travelling in style -- not! (2009-10-26 14:57:50)
 ROTFL! I just love this. Keanu getting in the boot/trunk of a car because there are no other places to sit. Yup, sounds just like Our Man to get a kick out of that.

I wonder if this was when he was in England working on Dracula. That was in 1991 or thereabouts, wasn't it? If so, then he looked and acted like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XycPYCNx04 and probably just loved to do something as wacky as riding in the boot of someone's beat-up old car.

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