(US), June 2, 2003

The Naughty and Not-So Nice MTV Movie Awards

by Vanessa Sibbald

Another year of the MTV Movie Awards -- and another year where almost none of the stars came back stage. It's as if they just make the press attend so they can sit them down in a room and force them to watch the awards show. Of course, Subway sandwiches are provided for the total seven hours of waiting time.

(snipped for Keanu)

Highlights of the show included Gollum's love/hate acceptance speech, which should win an award all by itself; Queen Latifah making out with Hollywood's favorite smoocher, Adrien Brody; and Keanu Reeves, who refused to say the word "whoa," making "MTV P.A." Andy Richter say it for him. Oh yeah, there was also Yoda's strange acceptance speech, which featured the wise one giving thanks to Steve Guttenberg, Vin Diesel and the Queen [Latifah] among many, many others.



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