Canadian Newswire (Ca), June 3, 2003

Die Another Day, dude: Canadians choose Keanu Reeves as their Canadian James Bond

Forty-two per cent of commuters in Toronto and Vancouver would cast action star, Keanu Reeves, as the first Canadian James Bond, according to an informal survey released today to celebrate the launch of Die Another Day, available on Special Edition DVD and VHS tomorrow.

While Reeves beat out fellow Toronto actors Kiefer Sutherland and Mike Myers by a clear majority, the survey revealed that choosing a Canadian Bond Girl was a more difficult task. Though Vancouver-born Carrie-Anne Moss was chosen as the Canadian Bond Girl with 43 per cent of the national vote, 39 per cent of Torontonians selected the buxom Pamela Anderson, narrowly edging out Carrie-Anne Moss by one per cent. In Vancouver, commuters were more decisive: 51 per cent of voters chose Moss over Anderson.

On May 27, 1,280 commuters in Toronto and Vancouver were asked the question, "Who would you choose to be the Canadian Bond and Canadian Bond Girl?" The informal survey was conducted in high-traffic commuter areas to support the DVD and VHS release of MGM Home Entertainment's newest James Bond blockbuster, Die Another Day, available in stores nationwide on June 3.



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