FOXNews (US), June 5, 2003

Keanu Is Keeping His Money, Thanks Very Much

Matrix star Keanu Reeves is a generous guy, but reports of his wild generosity are not true.

Yesterday the British tabloids, in a fit of creative mania, decided that Reeves had given $82 million to the crew who worked on The Matrix films.

"I have enough money to last for centuries," Reeves proclaimed, and it was reprinted everywhere.

Where do they get this stuff from?

Indeed, one of the people cited as receiving a check for $2.8 million was Kym Barrett, the costume designer for The Matrix series. She's the one who made Neo's famous long trench coat. So I called Barrett up and asked her how she felt being a millionaire.

"A what?" she asked. Sadly, she has not gotten a dime in the mail from Reeves.

"I mean, he's very nice. He plays with my kids. We love working with him, but no, no checks," she laughed.

Was there anyone who'd gotten this money as described in breathless reports?

"No one I know of," she said.

Barrett, by the way, wouldn't mind if Warner Bros., or Joel Silver wanted to merchandise those long coats. She's ready to become a fashion designer.

As for Keanu doling out the big bucks, here's the real story: two years ago he put some of his upfront money back into the production budget to ensure the creative staff -- costumes, special effects etc -- could continue working on the trilogy. This was back when the first Matrix had not yet hit pay dirt. Since then, believe me, the movies have been such a success that everyone's gotten what they needed.

But Keanu has not written any personal checks to anyone. Sorry.

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