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How the stars stay in shape: Keanu Reeves

This week we find out how Hollywood heart-throb Keanu Reeves stays in shape.

Thirty-eight-year-old Keanu (it's Hawaiian for 'Cool Breeze from the mountains') was born in Beirut, but after his father walked out when he was two, the family bounced from Australia to New York before settling in Toronto, where his English mum, Patricia, designed costumes for singing stars, including Dolly Parton.

Since he starred as a macho cop in the blockbuster Speed, he's been offered almost every action movie going. His role as Neo in the two Matrix sequels makes him the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, as he commands a staggering $206m for the movies.


His 6ft 1in body is covered in scars thanks to his insisting on riding his motorbike too fast, and without a crash helmet. A near-fatal bike crash 12 years ago has left him with an 18-inch scalpel incision running down his torso; they had to remove his spleen. Despite his many accidents, he still roars around town, flouting the law and refusing to wear a crash helmet, calling the rule "petty government c***."


For the film Speed, he shed his greasy grunge look and pumped himself up to become a crew-cut, hard-muscled hunk. "I wanted my chest and arms to be beefy," he says. "I linked up with an Olympic gymnastic trainer and alternated weight training with aerobics. I play a lot of basketball and ice-hockey, and ride horses at the LA Equestrian Centre in Burbeck. I also like ballroom dancing."

For the The Matrix sequels, he spent months training to do the aerial fight scenes.


"I don't take liberties with what I eat, but, generally, I like lots of chicken, pasta, rice and vegetables. I eat three good meals a day, but small portions. I also like the occasional beer and wine."

Love Life

He's had lots of girlfriends - including Lori Petty, Paula Abdul, Sandra Bullock, Rachel Weisz and Kate Beckinsale.

He was briefly engaged to Amanda de Cadenet. Though he has been voted one of the sexiest men alive, he prefers to dress in woolly hats and dilapidated jeans.


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