KOIN (US), June 23, 2003

Beaverton Goes Hollywood

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Keanu Reeves and Matthew McConaughey are set to begin shooting a new film in Beaverton, possibly as soon as July 9, according to movies.com.

The film, "Thumbsucker," an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Walter Kirn, will bring more than just heartthrobs to Oregon. It's the estimated $1.5 million in revenue that has state legislators excited.

Friday, on a Northwest Portland soundstage, Gov. Ted Kulongoski and some of the film's producers announced the upcoming plans for "Thumbsucker."

Beaverton and Washington County officials said they only found out recently about the filming.

Kulongoski is excited about the prospect of filming more movies in Oregon, and praised the vastness and variety of Oregon locations. Recent blockbusters filmed in Oregon include "The Hunted," "Bandits," and "Men of Honor."

"Thumbsucker" is the story of a teen with a thumb-sucking problem who turns to his orthodontist (Reeves) and his debate coach (McConaughey) for help.

Movies.com reported that Vincent D'Onofrio will also appear in the film, and rottentomatoes.com lists Elijah Wood as a cast member, as well.

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