FOX23 News (US), June 29, 2003

Keanu Spends $4.8 Million on Hospital for Dying Sister

(Note: This was apparently a commercial fabrication of unknown origin. - Ani)

Caring movie star Keanu Reeves has spent $4.8 million converting a Los Angeles mansion into a custom built hospital for his dying sister.

The Matrix Reloaded star will move sister Kim, 37, into the luxury house and hire top doctors to look after her around the clock.

Kim - who has been suffering from the killer disease for 10 years - will be the only patient in the hospital, which has a 50 foot "infinity" pool and incredible views overlooking Hollywood.

A source says, "Keanu isn't sparing any expense for Kim's leukaemia treatment.

"He's using his millions to make his house a sanctuary in an attempt to give her the best treatment and care.

"But, if she's facing her final years, Keanu wants to make them the happiest they can be. Kim means everything to him."

Keanu, 38, has earned at least $72 million from the two Matrix sequels, the second of which - The Matrix Revolutions - is set for release in November.

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