Film Rotation (US), July 4, 2003

Matrix 4? Without Keanu? -- Rumours Go Wild

(snipped for Matrix)

I really really really hope that the Wachowski brothers own the rights to The Matrix. Otherwise this last bit of news is more scary than anything I have ever read!!

“Producer Joel Silver and Village Roadshow are so rapturous with the reception The Matrix Reloaded has got, that plans are quietly underway for a fourth adventure of the mind-boggling sci-fi sensation. Just one problem – Keanu Reeves has already told them he’s not doing it. If the Matrix 4 gets the greenlight, as insiders are expecting, it looks like there will be a new face playing Neo or a certain character missing from the next chapter.”

If this is true then all of my nightmares have come true at once and The Matrix is going to really turn into this generations’ Star Wars! Someone else playing Neo, or no Neo, in another Matrix movie just makes it feel like it’s going to be a cheap rip-off!!! Please don’t let them do this!!!!"

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Matrix, The , Matrix Reloaded, The

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