The Daily Telegraph (Aus), July 6, 2003

When the film did not move for them

THE censors did not evince any discomfort with the decidedly icky Trinity-Neo sex scene in Matrix Reloaded. The discerning readers of the UK Guardian website voted the Carrie-Anne Moss/Keanu Reeves clinch the worst sex scene of all time. They said that the sequence – in keeping with the whole frightful flick – was "pointlessly extended" and took "forever".

It "pushed my nauseometer off the scale," opined one.

Other not-hot contenders were: Showgirls (Kyle MacLachlan/Elizabeth Berkley); Damaged (Jeremy Irons/Juliette Binoche); The Specialist (Sylvester Stallone/Sharon Stone); and Titanic (Kate Winslet/Leonardo DiCaprio). Obviously no one recalls Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider in Last Tango In Paris. Butter has never tasted quite the same.

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Matrix Reloaded, The


Matrix Reloaded, The

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