The Toronto Star (Ca), July 12, 2003

Artist finds sweetness in dark places

(snipped for Keanu content)

The Rivoli, the veteran Queen St. W. boîte, has had its fair share of exhibitions over the years, but none as personal as the one up on its walls now: "Rivoli Re-Collection: Street Posters From The First Decade, 1982-1992." It's up to Aug. 3. The impressive lineup features photographer George Whiteside's Rivoli Portraits series and Fast Würms' piece, Fauves Get Land Legs. I also like the Breeding Ground artwork and the one reminding us of the Bill Smith Ensemble.

The least artsy poster may also be the most historically interesting. Advertising the 1986 play By Your Side by Katie Ford, with music by Jane Ford, the post near the kitchen notes that it stars Nadia Ross and a young actor named Keanu Reeves.

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By Your Side


By Your Side

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