Variety (US), July 20, 2003

'Thumbsucker' fingers 3 to fill out cast

Trio joins Reeves, Swinton, D'Onofrio, McConaughey

by Jonathan Bing

Vince Vaughn, Lou Taylor Pucci and Kelli Garner have joined the cast of "Thumbsucker," the Mike Mills feature that just started production in Beaverton, Ore.

Troika rounds out a cast that includes Keanu Reeves, Tilda Swinton and Vincent D'Onofrio. Matthew McConaughey, who was circling a role in the pic (Daily Variety, June 15), has opted out because of a scheduling conflict.

Bull's Eye Entertainment is financing and producing the pic, which is adapted from a novel by Walter Kirn.

The producers are Anthony Bregman of This Is That and Bob Stephenson of Cinema-Go-Go. Exec producers are Bob Yari and Cathy Schulman of Bull's Eye; This Is That's Ted Hope and Anne Carey; and Jay Shapiro of Cinema-Go-Go.

Story concerns a compulsive thumbsucker, played by Pucci. Swinton and D'Onofrio play his eccentric parents; Garner is his love interest, Vaughn his debate coach and Reeves his orthodontist.

Vaughn, Pucci and Garner were repped by UTA. Garner will appear in "The Aviator"; Pucci last appeared in "Personal Velocity."

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