The Oregonian (US), July 22, 2003

'Thumbsucker' producers plan to use Tualatin school

'Thumbsucker' producers plan to use Tualatin school School is about to go back into session in Tualatin, but it will be Hollywood actors, not students, in the classrooms and lecture halls.

The cast and crew of the movie "Thumbsucker" are scheduled to spend six days shooting at a Tualatin school sometime in the next two weeks, said Holly Layton, the Tigard-Tualatin School District's facilities coordinator.

The movie's script, based on a Walter Kirn novel about a teenager who can't break his addiction to sucking his thumb, calls for a mixture of suburban and rural settings. The production crew is expected to spend most of the film's $3 million budget in Oregon. Most of the filming is expected to be in Washington County and around Mount Hood.

Tigard-Tualatin School District officials would not say which school will be used and what days the shooting will take place.

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