CHUD (US), July 29, 2003

Billy Jack Nabs a Director

Um...okay. So, Billy Jack has been looking for a director for awhile now (I guess Walking Tall racing forward put the pressure on) as Keanu Reeves "ain't getting any younger" and now they've found him in Peter Care, the director of many a music video (Depeche Mode's "Stripped" and "Shake the Disease," R.E.M.'s "Drive," "Man on the Moon" and "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?") and the "Bounty Hunter" episode of The Red Shoe Diaries. Anyway, after he tackled The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, a movie - in my opinion - that didn't entirely work, has had his name put on every project in the universe, including the big Stephen King adaptation, Bag of Bones, which was supposed to go this year.

But oh, well - now he's doing Billy Jack, but not likely any time soon as Keanu is doing Constantine starting in about five weeks. The Billy Jack script is by John Fusco, who wrote Young Guns, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and the upcoming Hidalgo flick. Nice guy, Fusco - big into the wilderness, has a bunch of horses that he breeds and probably is the closest screenwriter in Hollywood to the character of Billy Jack, so why not?

The trade break says that it's a remake of the 1971 film Billy Jack, though hardcore film geeks know that Billy Jack's first appearance was actually in the AIP motorcycle frenzy classic, The Born Losers in 1967 (all the Billy Jack movies were written/produced/directed by their star, Tom Laughlin, under a variety of different names).

Will Peter Care do a decent Billy Jack? Who the fuck knows/cares, but at least there's some movement.

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