InStyle (Ge), July 2003

The Transcendental / More-Than-Sensual

(Translated from German by Makee)

Totally sexy and cool, Keanu Reeves battles through a virtual universe in "The Matrix Reloaded." In private, he's more down to earth: he likes barbeque evenings with his mother.

His private life? Rather mysterious. A lot of speculation, very few facts. Keanu Reeves, the mysterious. The beautiful stranger. Even now, during a conversation, his face remains closed. There's rarely a smile. What is he thinking? What is hiding behind the poker face? But it is exactly this aura of mystery that makes the 38-year-old Canadian even more interesting? One wants to know the reason why Keanu (whose Hawaiian name means "Cool breeze over the mountains") always seems a little melancholy. And every woman would like to magically make his dark eyes shine. But Keanu's presence on the screen is completely different. It doesn't take five minutes before one is completely captured by his energy, by his sex appeal. One can convince themselves of Keanu's effect in "The Matrix Reloaded", where he battles a virtual universe as action hero Thomas Anderson.

In private you fight a different battle. One to ensure that no one discovers anything about your private life. What is so terrible in your life that you have to hide it?

I am often totally confused and surprised about all the so-called facts that can be read about me. Some stories have been so crazy that I don't even want to think about them.

Do it now! For instance….

Once someone wrote that I swam in the nude with Sharon Stone in a pool in L.A. I only thought "Wow! I wish it were true. It was pretty crass to read that someone offered my spleen for sale on the Internet. Should anyone take something like that seriously? I'm sure my spleen is still in my body."

There have been speculations that you're gay, addicted to drugs or even both because you occasionally disappear from the scene for long periods of time.

I don't care whether anyone thinks I'm gay or use drugs.

But you rarely show yourself in public. You rarely go to parties? Why?

I don't like the feeling of constantly being photographed. It makes me uncomfortable.

Maybe suitable company could tempt you out of your home. But you are known as a determined, permanent single.

That's because I constantly think about work. Very few women ever really got close to me.

Although so many women are infatuated with you?

Sure, I'm flattered when women find me attractive. But I don't take it too seriously. I know how Hollywood works. I'm a product that has to be marketed.

Don't you ever want to marry? Have a family?

That would be great. It really is important to me to have a home and have my own family. Unfortunately, I'm constantly on the road.

When you're not on the road, you live in the hotel "Chateau Marmont" in L.A. Why?

I live a kind of nomadic life, although, deep in my heart, Toronto will always be my home. The reason I live in a hotel? To be honest, I don't want to do without room service.

What else don't you like to miss?

Hockey. I love to play it. And my eight motor cycles.

Which you like to drive quite fast. You've already had eight accidents and in 1988 you almost died during a car accident. Your guardian angel is quite busy…

That's true. I often drive much too fast and have already had to give up my license before because of it. But it's interesting that you mention a guardian angel. I actually believe in the supernatural. Personal experiences have shown me that things like that are possible.

What exactly do you mean "things like that"?

For instance, I went to a psychic in New York. She told me things about my family and my past she could not have possibly known. She knew exact names, places and events. You can't help but believe in this level of perception. Clairvoyance is something very real. These abilities are specific energies these people carry with them. And because these things can't be scientifically explained, many have a hard time believing it.

Would you say that you had a happy childhood?

As a kid, I was on the road a lot. I was born in Beirut, but grew up in the US and Australia. At some point, my family moved to Toronto. That's where I spent my teen years. I was always surrounded by artists. My mother was a dancer. But she also sewed stage costumes for rock stars like Alice Cooper. And through my stepfather, who was a theater director, I discovered the exotic world of the stage at an early age. I still spend a large part of my free time with my mother and sisters. We often barbecue together, which I really like.

What are you really proud of?

That I left Toronto at age 19 with my old Volvo to try my luck in Hollywood. And I just bought my sister a house. That's what makes me proud and happy.

You openly discussed that you've taken drugs in the past.

I can't claim to be perfect. Hollywood is full of temptations and I've experimented a lot and tried out a lot. But I never considered drugs a lifestyle for me.

How do you like to relax?

I do a lot of sports. Besides hockey, I play baseball. And I ride horses a lot. I love music and play the bass with my band Dogstar. And I read - preferably Shakespeare.


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