E-mail (US), August 10, 2003

A true story from a moron co-worker

by Chris W.

I sent this to my coworker titled: "A true story from a moron co-worker"

I was biking up Mt. Tabor on Sunday and happened upon a small group of people (about 15 or so) who were watching this tall, long haired dude getting interviewed. Curiosity being what it is, I turned my head and lo' and behold it looked like... Keanu Reeves of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and The Matrix fame. While rolling to a stop I asked a bystander who that was and she confirmed it indeed was the World Famous Celebrity, Mr. Keanu Reeves. Here's where the fun part starts...

I forgot that I was clipped in to my bike. For those familiar, you can guess what happens next. For those who are not familiar, many bikes these days have these clip-in pedals (and accompanying "clip" shoes") that enable a bicyclist to pedal faster and some say in more control. However, being that I was taking my new pedals out for a test run, I forgot that I was clipped in to both pedals when I was slowing down. Hence, if you don't clip out, you become one with the bike and in my case, I stopped, went "oh $hi+" and dumped myself and the bike in a loud crash 15 feet from where the interview was taking place....

All heads turned. The interview stopped. Mr. Reeves, said with a concerned face, "Hey man, you all right?" and I gotta "Hey buddy, everything ok?" from the interviewer. I also got a, "We have first aid kit in the minivan" from a Mom who was corralling a group of giggling teenagers... nice.

Well, I dusted my self off (very red faced, I might add) and waved off all help (no blood and bike ok). Made sure I was clipped out and then rolled it out to the periphery of the crowd - the proverbial walk of shame. Cue the circus music it's Slapstick the Bicycling Clown here for your amusement...ugh.

Anyway, instead of taking off (like a sane person would do), I put aside the bruised ego and actually waited in line talk to the dude - I don't exactly carry pen and paper around hoping for autographs while I'm out pedaling around. I shook his hand, we shared a laugh over the incident and I came away thinking he was pretty cool guy. Turns out he is in town acting in a small, independent movie called "Thumbsucker" that his friend was directing. Apparently, he is helping the guy out because it's his first directing gig and KR wanted to give his career a boost if he could. Pretty cool if you asked me...

Well, waddya think of my personal brush with fame?

A classic on so many levels of my own idiocy but nonetheless a fine drinking story!


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Matrix, The , Thumbsucker


GuestNathan (2016-12-16 13:08:28)
 Does anyone know if the bicycle race scene in Thumbsucker was filmed on Mount Tabor? It sure looks like Mt. Tabor. The fact that Keanu was on Mt. Tabor being interviewed makes it even more likely that the scene was filmed there.
GuestNathan (2016-12-16 13:53:04)
 I believe I just figured out the answer to my own question. Yes, it looks like the bicycle race scene was in fact filmed at Mt. Tabor. I went on Google Maps and found the exact spot. The latitude/longitude coordinates are 45°30'49.9"N 122°35'30.4"W

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