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Untitled Nancy Meyers Project Finally Gets a Title: ''Something's Gotta Give''


Had he not died in 1976, renowned lyricist Johnny Mercer would be proud of the title that has been revealed for the film heretofore known as only "The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project." According to sources, the Jack Nicholson film has been given the title of "Something's Gotta Give."

It looks likely that the title for the Sony pic is a reference to the 1954 Mercer song of the same name, which was popularized by both Fred Astaire and Sammy Davis, Jr. the following year. The song offered the lyrics, "When an irresistable force / such as you / meets an old immovable object like me / you can bet as sure as you live."

Certainly fits what we know about the film, which focuses on a New York City music executive (played by Nicholson) with a proclivity of dating younger women. But he is dealt a harsh blow when he suffers a heart attack while visiting the Hamptons beach home of his latest trophy girlfriend's mother. When his girlfriend flees back to the city, Harry is left in the care of the mother and his doctor. Realizing that he and the doctor are both falling in love with the divorced playwright, they soon find themselves competing with each other for her hand. was the first to report that a sequence in the film will feature a troupe of Nicholson look-alikes partaking in a "Jack Nicholson chorus line scene.”

As of this writing, the film is scheduled to open wide on more than 2,000 screens December 12th. Also starring in the film are Diane Keaton, Frances McDormand, Keanu Reeves, Jon Favreau and Amanda Peet.

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Something's Gotta Give


Something's Gotta Give

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