Megastar (UK), August 24, 2003

Rachel and Reeves reunited

by Wyndham King

Beautiful big-screen brainbox Rachel Weisz has for once failed to use her loaf – by teaming up again with former flop film partner Keanu Reeves.

The London-born and Cambridge-educated babe – currently starring in sassy thriller Confidence with Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia - last worked with The Matrix star on 1996 turkey, Chain Reaction.

And now she’s back for more on the hopefully less-poultrified Constantine, described promisingly as an ‘occult thriller’.

The Others, anybody? We hope so – even without a bit-part for 400-year-old Eric Sykes.

The Guardian does its bit to boost the forthcoming chiller and explains: "Backed by Warner Bros and based on a comic-book, Constantine will star Reeves as a psychic who teams up with a cop (Weisz) to fight the forces of evil."

'Evil' like iffy plots and stilted scripts, presumably.

Whatever happens, Weisz is hot property in Hollywood at the moment.

The New York-based actress has been cast to star with laugh-a-minute flick titch Ben Stiller in Envy, while her dusky charms will also be on view in The Runaway Jury.

Call in the Weisz squad.

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