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Casting Call for Keanu Reeves Film "Constantine"

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"Constantine" (Warner Brothers) - Casting Call
A film adaptation of the classic Vertigo comic book "Hellblazer".

"Constantine" will star Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, a world-traveling, mage-like misfit who investigates supernatural mysteries, walking a thin line between evil and good. He teams up with a female police detective named Angela Dodson, who seeks Constantine's help while investigating the suicide-like death of her twin sister Isabel.

The investigation takes Constantine and Angela through the world of demons and angels that exists just beneath the landscape of contemporary Los Angeles.

Production will begin on September 22, 2003.

CAST MEMBERS: Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz

PRODUCERS: Lauren Shuler Donner ("X-Men") and Richard Donner ("Lethal Weapon")

DIRECTOR: Francis Lawrence


The film's casting directors are looking to fill a wide variety of principal and background roles.


[Chaz], Caucasian, 20s - 30s. A tough, shadowy L.A. cab driver and one of John Constantine's oldest friends. Chaz has some ties to illegal activitiy, but is making an effort to stay out of crime. Even though his wife does not like Constantine, Chaz and Constantine are very close. They would do almost anything for one another in a crisis.

[Beeman], Caucasian, 20s. A highly intelligent, offbeat young guy who assists Constantine with special information and occult artifacts. He's a bit skinny and unimposing, but makes up for it with his mind. Beeman reads to Constatine and Angela from an ancient scroll, which explains what supernatural troubles they must save the world from. This character has been described as a "Seth Green type".

[Morgue Security Guard], any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. An eccentric, reclusive man who works at night. Nervous and high-strung.

[Balthazar], any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. One of the three emperors of Hell who Constantine discovers is behind a series of crimes being committed around the world. Balthazar is one of the main villains of the film.

[Criminal], Middle Eastern, 20s - 30s. He escapes from a Turkish prison. Slight, muscular, lean, not scruffy. He possesses the relic of the spear. He tries to kill Angela and gets in a fight with Constantine.

[Father Garret], Caucasian, 40s - 60s. Angela's highly spiritual and kind priest. He is seen in confession with Angela and again at the theological society where Angela asks for her twin sister Isabel to get a proper Catholic burial.

[Busboy], any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Hard-working, clean-cut young busboy at a restaurant.

[Korean Man], 30s.


[Ellie], Caucasian, 20s - 30s. An alluring and seductive woman known as a "Succubus", a female demon that seduces men while they sleep. She is the only Succubus to ever mate with an angel. She is pretty and vulnerable yet can also be volatile. Ellie has a love-hate relationship with John Constantine (Reeves).

[Crazed Woman], any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. A neurotic, loud woman who becomes the victim of supernatural forces. Constantine tries to help her.

[Attractive Girl], any ethnicity, 18 - 20s. Glamorous, flirtatious L.A. model type.

[Church Attendant], any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Old-fashioned, quiet, level-headed, down-to-earth woman.

[Filipino Mother], Filipino, 30s - 40s.

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