The Sun (UK), September 5, 2003

Change the clothes, Keanu

NOW you’d think super-rich Keanu Reeves could afford a change of clothes — especially a new pair of shoes. The picture above shows the scruff on a phone in Beverly Hills last Thursday dressed in purple suit, red T-shirt, sunglasses and taped-up shoe.

The picture below was taken in Los Angeles on Tuesday — the actor’s 39th birthday — with him wearing the same outfit.

Keanu, who earned $150million as Neo in The Matrix movies, also shocked onlookers by using a payphone.

Keanu, don’t tell us you’ve lost that famous Matrix mobile?


Matrix, The , LOLWUT


What picture? (2010-03-17 15:51:08)
 I see no picture here.
Anakin McFly
(2010-03-17 15:59:26)

The picture wasn't included with the article because I think it was an archive copy. :(
Guestmeh... (2015-04-12 13:03:59)
 let him wear what he wants. *shrugs* The older the shoe, the more comfortable. Now, a purple suit? eh.....don't think purple is his color, but again *shrugs* meh.

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