The New York Times (US), September 9, 2003

Warning: 'Matrix' Spoilers Ahead (Well, One of Them Might Be Right, Anyway)

by David Edelstein

Here, on the surface of the Information Highway, the movie "The Matrix Reloaded" is a subject either closed or on hold until the Nov. 5 release of the final film in Larry and Andy Wachowski's trilogy, "The Matrix Revolutions." A few layers down, though, in the rushing magma of the Internet, predictions of coming plot twists abound. We're talking about millions of words — a phenomenon akin to a self-replicating computer virus. "Matrix" zealots argue in head-swimming detail over "Reloaded," over the collection of linked short films, "The Animatrix," and over the computer game "Enter the Matrix." In this universe, storytelling that struck some of us as inept is regarded as purposefully ambiguous, while dialogue that thudded like a rain of squishy frogs is rich in veiled meaning.

Here are some predictions I've encountered in my visits to the "Matrix" underworld. Read no further if you want to ensure your surprise in November: in the tradition of monkeys and typewriters, it's possible that one or more will turn out to be prophetic.

1. Neo is a computer program that thinks that it's human.
2. Trinity is a computer program.
3. Everyone is a machine in a simulation devised by humans.
4. Neo is the only human in a machine-devised experiment to study love.
5. Neo is not "the One" but (a) a bystander; (b) a link in a chain that leads to the One; (c) a space alien or (d) the Antichrist.
6. Neo will die, Christlike, and merge with the Matrix to save humanity.
7. The One is really (a) the kid who escaped from the Matrix or (b) Agent Smith, now a virus.
8. Smith was once Neo. Or the Merovingian was once Neo. Or the Architect was once Neo — and Neo will be the next Architect.
9. Smith and Neo will merge to fight the machines.
10. The Oracle is the real villain and/or the mother of Persephone.
11. Persephone transmitted code in her kiss that allowed Neo to stop the sentinels (a k a "squiddies").
12. Zion, the city for unplugged humans, is another Matrix, which is why Neo could stop the squiddies.
13. Neo will wake up at the desk in his office: that was some mindblowing dream.
14. We are all in the Matrix. The Wachowskis will end "Revolutions" by unplugging us.

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Anakin McFly
Post-Revolutions... (2009-07-24 12:13:53)

6 was prophetic, and I mourn how 14 never came to pass.
14 (2009-07-24 20:30:16)
 ... but we are , aren't we ? ;)

besides, we can't be unplugged unless we choose to ;) :D

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