The Sydney Morning Herald (Aus), September 14, 2003


A big effort is being made to secure the stars of The Matrix for the Sydney premiere of the trilogy's last instalment, due to open at local cinemas on November 6.

There were plenty of disappointed Matrix fans earlier this year, when the only folk to be found walking the red carpert at Fox Studios for the premiere of The Matrix Reloaded were the usual tragic array of local soapie stars and professional partygoers.

Where was Keanu Reeves? Where was Larry - sorry - Laurence Fishburne, and Carrie-Anne Moss? And what about Hugo Weaving? He even lives here, for goodness sake.

Turns out the big four were required for the Hollywood premiere at the Mann Village Theatre, which took place only days before the Sydney shindig.

A similar conflict is shapin up this time, with the US release date for The Matrix Revolutions being November 5.

Because all three films were shot in Sydney, however, there's a strong possibility Hollywood will get the shove and our four stars will be on a first-class flight from LAX to make the opening of Revolutions one of the don't miss events of the year.

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