(US), September 17, 2003

Smith, Neo and Gaeta on The Matrix Revolutions

Premiere magazine talked to the cast and crew of The Matrix Revolutions about just how big the final film will be. Spoilers ahead...

The stage is set for the final confrontation between man and machine, as well as the climactic round between Neo's flying superman and his archenemy Smith (Weaving)—a fight that's been dubbed by the filmmakers as "the Superbrawl" and that takes place both in the skies above the Matrix and on the ground where the rogue agent’s clones have reached epidemic proportions. "He's taking over," Weaving says. And if you thought the conclusion of Reloaded was startling, this is where you should really expect the unexpected. Such as a main character dying. Maybe. As well as a new Oracle (Mary Alice Smith). Despite its massive opening weekend and over $272 million gross, some fans and critics felt Reloaded didn't quite live up to the prerelease hype, but Reeves assures us that "the third part should be the most exciting. That's where it all happens. That's the climax. And in this piece I feel that happens."

But wait till you hear about the climax. Visual effects supervisor John Gaeta gives the scoop...

"[It] turns into a whole different type of science fiction animal. We really explode outside [into the real world] in this one." The climax alone, featuring an army of machines attacking Zion, was created at a cost of $40 million (two-thirds of the original's entire budget), and Gaeta promises "a volume of science fiction creature action that hasn't been around since Alien."

And November 5 can't come soon enough!

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