Entertainment Tonight (US), September 22, 2003

ET's 'Matrix Revolutions' Exclusive!

Are you ready for 'The Matrix Revolutions'? "Everything has a beginning and an end," and as ET counts down to the November premiere of the final chapter in the blockbuster 'Matrix' trilogy, our own BOB GOEN was exclusively in Australia to catch all the behind-the-scenes action with JADA PINKETT SMITH and the rest of the Matrix crew!

Bob joined Jada in the cockpit set of Niobe's ship for some rocking action -- literally -- as the two were bounced around on a movable set for some simulated flying.

"You gotta make sure you're strapped in tight," Jada warned Bob before the behemoth started bucking. "We get some real movement going here. This thing rocks and rolls."

"Start rockin' this sucker!" yelled Bob, who almost fell out of his seat once things really got jumping. "This is like a rodeo, here. You ever barf in this thing?"

Produced by action maestro JOEL SILVER and directed by LARRY and ANDY WACHOWSKI, 'The Matrix Reloaded' pulled in over $700 million worldwide, eclipsing the original's box office and providing the biggest cliffhanger this summer. Now comes the incredible conclusion to the man vs. machines saga, promising more action in the real world and an attack-on-Zion finale that makes the "burly brawl" look like a dainty tea break.

Plot-wise, the straight shooting 'Revolutions' aims to wrap up all those 'Reloaded' loose ends with plenty of new surprises and revelations. As expected, KEANU REEVES ("Neo"), LAURENCE FISHBURNE ("Morpheus"), CARRIE-ANNE MOSS ("Trinity") and HUGO WEAVING ("Agent Smith") are all back for the big finale.

'The Matrix Revolutions' invades theaters nationwide Nov. 5.

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