Sky News (UK), September 28, 2003

Keanu Could Quit Movies For Sick Sister

Keanu Reeves may quit the movies for the sake of his sick sister whose cancer has returned.

The star of the Matrix films is said to have become a virtual recluse, so depressed that some fear he may not make another film.

Reeves thought sister Kim had conquered leukaemia after she responded to treatment at the £3m Hollywood mansion he had converted into a hospital for her earlier this year.

A friend tells the Sunday Express: "The diagnosis that it is back has really hit him hard.

"He has taken her to the world's leading specialists but nothing seems to work.

"It's yet another tragedy in his life and it seems to have pushed him to the edge."

Reeves, 39, dined alone on his recent birthday, the paper says, and is turning up on the set of his latest film wearing the same tattered clothes and shoes with holes.

One studio insider said: "During shooting breaks, unless he has to rehearse or talk to the director, he'll sit alone, often just staring at the ground."

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