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Keanu Reeves To Quit Movies?

Pals of movie superstar Keanu Reeves fear he may end up quitting Hollywood, following the return of his sister's leukaemia.

The Matrix star is devastated by the news that Kim's cancer is back because his family were convinced she had conquered the disease.

And the news is the latest in a long line of tragic events that are sending the 39-year-old actor into a depression, according to Britain's Daily Star Sunday.

Keanu is still emotionally damaged after his on-off girlfriend Jennifer Syme was killed in a car crash in Los Angeles in 2001, just months after she gave birth to their stillborn daughter.

An insider on the set of Keanu's latest movie Constantine says, "He's been turning up for work looking like a down-and-out, wearing ragged old clothes and battered Hush Puppies.

"One of the shoes had a hole, which he'd covered up with tape, and a studio executive made a joke about him being able to afford a new pair.

"But he didn't take the hint. He just turned up the next day wearing the same tattered stuff.

"During breaks in shooting, unless he has to rehearse or talk with the director, he'll sit alone, often just staring at the ground."

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