(US), October 10, 2003

A First Look at Pictures From Constantine

Straight to Hell has a first look at pictures from Warner Bros.' Constantine. Here's how director Francis Lawrence describes the images...

"Constantine has a hardboiled detective edge and a punk Sid Vicious attitude; he smokes, he drinks and is sarcastic and wry. He's not a blond Englishman but the heart of the character, the attitude and the period he invokes is intact, as this was the most important thing for me to maintain."

You can check out two images of Keanu as John Constantine here and here, plus another picture of what his apartment will look like in the film here.

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and (2009-07-24 20:31:39)
 ... Francis Lawrence was right.
I wish the many scriptwriters would have taken less liberties from the original material, though ...

but I still love the movie.

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