Entertainment Weekly (US), October 16, 2003

Lord of the 'Circus' Ring

The new band Becky = "Real World" + Keanu. MTV alum Rebecca Lord teams with the bass-playing actor and writes the theme song for Disney's preschool TV show "JoJo's Circus".

On "The Real World Seattle," Rebecca Lord was the quiet 19-year-old Virginian singer who eventually found her groove by recording a single produced by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Now Lord has her own band, becky, and an even bigger star backing her up on bass guitar: Keanu Reeves. But the band's new song isn't likely to end up on MTV or the "Matrix Reloaded" soundtrack: It's the theme to this fall's new Disney Channel show "JoJo's Circus," a stop-motion clay animation series about a 6-year-old clown (airs daily). EW.com talked to the reality TV survivor about singing for a clown, why she hates her nickname, and where she keeps her Sir Mix-A-Lot single (hint: it's not on her wall).

Your band becky is more punky garage rock than pop, so how did you end up performing the theme for a show about a 6-year-old clown?

The producer we were working with at the time does a lot of work for Disney, and he actually wrote the song. And it's a cute song! We made it kind of punky. It's not like our band's music, but it's really cool.

Now that your band's called becky, does that mean you're no longer Rebecca?

I hate to be called Becky, so our drummer [Lord's boyfriend and Dogstar member Rob Mailhouse] started doing it as a joke, and the guitarist [Paulie Kosta] joined in on it, and it was driving me nuts. So when we were trying to come up with a name for the band, Paulie joked that we should call it becky, to which I said absolutely not. But everyone else loved it, so I said it was fine until we could think of a better name. And we haven't thought of anything. And everyone's calling me Becky! But it's okay now. After trying to avoid the name for 10 years, now I want to be a Becky, just be a little girl again.

In the last month becky has appeared on "The Sharon Osbourne Show" and "The Orlando Jones Show." When can we buy an album?

We just finished our demo, so we're shopping for a label now. We've been playing around town a lot, the Viper Room and other clubs in L.A., so it's going well.

Keanu Reeves' other band, Dogstar, was savaged by the media. Any concerns that having a reality TV star and a movie star in your band will turn off critics?

Being famous in TV or film, I don't think it hurts you, but I don't think it helps you. Keanu, who is such a humble guy, doesn't even tell labels he's in the band because we don't want it to be The Keanu Reeves Band. Dogstar made different decisions, and we've talked about this a lot. People have even said they think it's a hindrance to have him in the band, and if it is that's a really sad thing. Because he's a great guy and an awesome player and we sound pretty great together as a band. So if people make judgements about us based on somebody in the band, that's just too bad.

Since celebrity can work against you in the music industry, did having "The Real World" on your résumé present any obstacles for you?

I think if there's anything to be overcome, it's the actual time you're on the show. Because it's awful. I felt invaded all the time. And I think my problem with it was that I was 19 and I wasn't really secure with myself yet. I was embarrassed about things I shouldn't have felt embarrassed about.

Considering some of your housemates seemed to be raving lunatics, you really had nothing to worry about. Was that the art of editing or were they really that crazy?

I don't think it's "The Real World" that makes you look bad, it's you that makes you look bad. But I had a couple of incidents where I was annoyed with the editing. I went into my shell and was basically mute for five months. I didn't want to show anything. Honest to God, it was pretty traumatic. But after that, I moved to Italy for a year and did a lot of soul searching. I think it ultimately helped me come into my own, and that was my blessing.

So where do you keep the single you recorded with Sir Mix-A-Lot?

Oh God, no. It was horrible! His studio was really nice and it was really fun, but I'm not really a rock singer. My mom probably has it. God, I've done some dorky things in my life!

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