The Daily Record (UK), October 24, 2003

Trinity's Death Scene was a Beautiful Way to Go

by Rick Fulton

MATRIX star Carrie Anne Moss admitted she cried all day on the last day of shooting for The Matrix Revolutions.

And it wasn't just because her character, Trinity, dies saving Neo, the chosen one, played by Keanu Reeves.

The Canadian actress said: "I was really sad the last day we shot. My death scene was a beautiful way to say goodbye. I cried all day." Carrie-Anne became a mum two months ago and admits that despite lack of sleep being a mother is far easier than the fight scenes in Revolutions.

She said: "The fighting was hard. I was hurt several times and once hit my hand against a wall.

"I can't remember how many times punched my head, had a concussion. Worse still, I hit other people by accident."

Carrie-Anne is happy to be out of the tight bondage-style costumes that have made Trinity a new female film icon.

She said: "I loved it but at the same time it was shocking because I gained a lot of weight."

The actress claims she put on 60 lbs, although she's lost half of that now.

Now she has a son Carrie Anne will have to juggle being a mum and a working actress.

She admits she's already worried. She said: "It's brutal for me to be away from the business for 10 minutes. So, I can't evenimagine how I'll manage." The film's ending is being kept secret, although it's safe to say fans know it's about completing the circle and returning The Matrix to its balance.

The action begins where Reloaded left off and Zion, the last bastion of mankind, is under threat of annihilation.

There won't be another sex scene in Revolutions but Carrie Anne is probably one of the closest to Keanu, who remainsan enigma. She admits it's hard to sum up a person but gives an impression of what he's like.

She said: "I've never heard him say a bad thing about anyone. We've had many a discussion and we've spent hours talking about life and people and things.

"I've never heard him ever say anything bad about anyone, and I've never heard him gossip about anything or anyone.

"Keanu just sees the good in other people. "

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matrixnospoon03 (2009-11-09 08:11:10)

And, I don't care if it's been six years, I'm still bitter at the people in the theater who were laughing at that scene during the showing I went to :/

Take comfort MNS.. (2009-11-09 08:32:51)
 ..those others missed that door into the Matrix that you fanciers managed to slip through, they're totally unaware of the world behind the world ;). They just weren't ready, you were. Shouldn't fault folk for honest ignorance :).
oh, (2009-11-09 18:35:52)
 my fellow Matrix warrior ... ;)
... wish I had a dime for each time I had to defend this scene or the 'rave scene' or the 'Architect scene' or... against people who cared only for the action content and 'great CGI' of these movies...
People who couldn't get past the simple duality of the first movie.
But I'll keep fighting 'till I'm old and gray ;) :D

and ignorance CAN be cured ;) :D

Anakin McFly
(2009-11-09 20:56:47)

The Architect scene was the main thing I liked about Reloaded; I still think the rave scene was too long, regardless of the Wachowski intent.

Path of Neo was the main factor towards my post-viewing appreciation of Reloaded (because it was responsible for the most fun parts of the game), as was that essay you linked me, but since then I haven't watched it again. Planning a marathon (trilogy + Animatrix + Revisited) with a friend in December, though.

(2009-11-09 20:59:36)
 have fun :D
Anakin McFly
(2009-11-10 10:46:54)

Ani.. (2009-11-10 11:47:12)
 ..these two aren't aggravated enough eh? You just had to give them more to fuss over :D.
matrixnospoon03 (2009-11-10 13:03:25)
 *high fives LucaM* :D

*shakes head at the thread* There are so many things I want to say. So many.

aaargh (2009-11-11 01:29:02)
 ... don't have time until Friday, but you just wait... *fumes*.
matrixnospoon03, until then, the floor is all yours :D
matrixnospoon03 (2009-11-11 03:03:06)
 Technically, I have an exam on Thursday. But, er... I think defending the integrity of and promoting the awesome of the Matrix trilogy is a cause that is far more worth my time :D

... I will have an answer tonight. Hehehehe. *evil cackle*

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