BBC (UK), November 3, 2003

Matrix mania returns to Australia

Stars of The Matrix trilogy returned to Sydney, Australia - where the films were shot - for a glittering première at the city's Opera House.

The Matrix Revolutions, the final instalment, gets a simultaneous global release at 1400 GMT on Wednesday.

Actor Keanu Reeves said it felt "right" to be back where filming began in 1997.

One of the first reviews said the film was better than The Matrix Reloaded but failed to capture the first movie's "jaw-dropping exhilaration".

The famous opera house, more used to hosting classical concerts and operas, was lit up with green lasers to match the science fiction film's style.

Sad end

Reeves was accompanied by Hugo Weaving, who plays Agent Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, who plays Niobe, and producer Joel Silver.

"It couldn't have been made anywhere else," Silver said. "And it's wonderful to work in a place where you're wanted."

He said fans would "love it" despite some poor reviews for the second instalment when that was released in May.

"I think they'll be sad because it's the end of the story," he said, adding that there would definitely be no more Matrix films.


Weaving added: "It will be sad to say goodbye."

The Hollywood Reporter's reviewer, Michael Rechtshaffen, wrote that the saga did not end with a bang or a whimper but "falls somewhere in between".

Film-makers "cooked up some dazzling new set-pieces, [but] the disjointed story elements prevent them from forming any kind of satisfying, cohesive whole", he wrote.

Matrix Revolutions concludes the epic war between man and machine, and forces the ultimate confrontation between Keanu Reeves' character Neo and the rogue Agent Smith.


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