Fuji Television (Jp), November 4, 2003

Interview by Fuji Television

Interviewer: Neo's final scene involves a "Power Up" fighting, what's the difficult part in it?
First, I'm very glad that you like it. (Translator translates to Japanese for Interviewer) Thank you. (to translator) It was, uh, kind of challenging... (clears throat) uhmm... sorry I'm a little under the weather so my voice... (cough... cover his mouth and then mumbled) Sumimasen (It means "Excuse me" in Japanese) It was a long... It was a long time, it took 6 weeks to film in the rain, uhm but you know for me its so exciting to have a chance to do these sequences, so no matter how hard it is, it alwsy seems fun and you know, a gift to me.

(clip showing Smith "Mr Anderson Welcome Back we missed you" and some punching and some "behind the scenes" with Keanu on wire and lying in cold muddy water... poor him)

I: Shooting in the rain, that must have made your coat becoming very heavy...
I believe in the last film I had 21 to 23 different costumes, and in between takes, they would drench them out (demonstrate drenching with his hands while smiling at the same time, interviewer and translator laughs). There's one time where Smith comes flying at me and Neo jumps in the air, so I stretch for 2 hours before the shot, and the man I worked with, Chan Who, he just comes pushing my leg, (demonstrate hard pushing with his hands) "Chan Who, please stop" (with a small begging almost close to crying voice) Chan Who goes "No not wide enough", but it looks good in the film though.

I: It seems that you caught a cold at the moment, could you tell us your usual method of getting better from a cold?
(Silent laughs, blush?, cover his face, looked and sounded amused they've asked such a question) Whisky and Lemon ..... (translator translates and he kept smiling)... and hot water.

I: We know that you are very tired so we brought this little thing for you to relax (Its a weird gadget, don't know how to describe it, you put it at the back of your neck, like those air-blown cushions on flight, and when you push the sides, it seems that you are getting a massage.)
Arigatou (Means thank you in Japanese)

I: Here's another one, if you push this (another pen-like gadget) onto your fingers, you will feel more awake even when you are sleepy. Could you not demonstrate in front of us?
(Not looking really amused... Push gadget into fingers, pretend to be awake, did it twice, then with an even more unamused voice) Okay...... Arigatou

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Matrix Revolutions, The


Matrix Revolutions, The

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