Berliner Zeitung (Ge), November 5, 2003

The ship’s engine

Keanu Reeves talks about fun, God and his new film “Matrix Revolutions”

CA: Mr Reeves, lately we could read you were quitting the movie business, so you could take care of your sick sister
I don't know who makes up things like that, but it's definitely not true.

CA: Can you understand the fascination of many fans about discussing Matrix Revolutions on the internet, even if the movie hasn’t been released yet?
I think knowing something before others are informed and sharing what you know with other insiders has something to do with fascination. It's about power, but also about fun. Of course I find it to be less funny when it comes to my private life, but I can understand it up to a certain level.

CA: For many movie goers the first Matrix part is still the best. Do you have a favorite part?
No. The three parts are so different, I neither can, nor want to compare them. Every part has been fun for me in its own way. On the 3rd one I especially liked that Neo discovers that love is more important to him than anything else. I like this idea. Of course not all questions that came up on the first one will be answered, but that's good, because I think the Trilogy should keep a few secrets. Neo's journey definitely comes to an end in this movie. He found what he had been searching for.

CA: Did you have to deal a lot with philosophy and religion for the part of Neo?
Not intense enough to say something wise on this point. I better leave that to the experts. But you're right, working on this project gave me a lot in this point of view. I dealt with the “relationship” of human being and machine, with the question, if we want to know the truth. I read a lot of philosophical and Buddhist ideas. Very interesting. In the end I kinda felt like Neo. I'm convinced that love is the most powerful and important force in our lives.

CA: Were there moments in your life that made you believe in a higher force?
Like God? Oh yes.

CA: When was that?
I can't talk about that here, it's too intimate. But there were a lot of those moments in my life and the intense feeling of being connected to nature, being part of it was one of them.

CA: Are there moments in which you feel like you're in a “Matrix”?
Yes, there were. And at that time it really bothered me, but in the meantime I've learned how to deal with it. The popularity is the negative side of my job, but if I deal relaxed with it, I have no problems living with it. On the other hand I get to enjoy lots of advantages and privileges. It's important to keep a certain distance. The older I get the easier it gets for me. Fortunately it's inevitable that one gets wiser with time. I try anyhow not to make the same mistake twice.

CA: In conversations you always seem very withdrawn. But your colleagues say you are a very happy and funny person.
They say that? Well, I loved this project from the beginning on, and that made it easy to be happy. I was the first one to be engaged, so I kinda felt like the ship's engine. Maybe I even felt responsible to take care that everyone was having a good time.

CA: Many people identify you with your roles because you protect your private life so much. Is there something you and Neo have in common?
If Neo would be in a room with me, then we would probably be the most different people you could imagine. Neo surely is a lot smarter than I am. And he has a mission, he wants to change the world. He is more decided than I am. And I think he's more curious.

CA: Did you have a feeling for the size this film would once have?
Not at all. I don't think anyone expected that much success. I had the feeling of being involved in a special project, but everything else is something I never would have dreamed of.

CA: Now, that you've reached the end of the trilogy, do you miss it?
Right now I'm still in the middle of it. The movie is about to be released and everything is very exciting. Who knows what will happen afterwards? I'll miss my colleagues, we all became very close friends.

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Matrix, The , Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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