Sunday Express (UK), November 9, 2003

Hollywood Ink - Cool Breeze

What in the world will Keanu Reeves do now that The Matrix trilogy has left him (incredibly) the highest-paid actor in Hollywood history?

The answer is: Anything he wants, dude. The 39-year-old Reeves certainly looks faster on his feet than usual playing Jack Nicholson's physician and rival for Diane Keaton's -- yes, you read that right! -- affections in this month's romantic comedy Something's Gotta Give.

Also in the Keanuscope is Thumbsucker, the movie version of Walter Kim's mordant novel, in which Reeves plays an orthodontist who, along with a high-school debating coach (Vince Vaughn), tries to cure a compulsive, um, thumbsucker (neophyte Lou Taylor Pucci).

However, watch for Reeves to return to more familiar sci-fi/action territory with the title role in Constantine, the big-screen version of the DC/Vertigo comic book Hellblazer, in which he'll play a wisecracking loner who teams with a cop (Rachel Weisz) to penetrate a mysterious suicide in contemporary Los Angeles by descending into an underworld of nasty demons and spirits (including Tilda Swinton).

Hell, if it's nasty demons he's after, he only has to cruise the clubs of Sunset Boulevard any night of the week.


Matrix, The , Something's Gotta Give , Thumbsucker , Constantine

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