The Early Show (US), November 10, 2003

Keanu Reeves is guest on The Early Show


Journalist: Fans of The Matrix movie series know that everything that has a beginning has an end. The trilogy's final chapter, The Matrix Revolutions, once again stars Keanu Reeves who plays Neo, who learns from the Oracle that he must once again fight Agent Smith to end the war against the humans and machines.

(shows a clip of Neo with the Oracle)

Journalist: Keanu Reeves is with us this morning. Good morning!

Keanu: Good morning! Good morning!

Journalist: The lady who plays the Oracle is so great!

Keanu: Yep, beautiful.

Journalist: She just.....(sits back in chair in awe and then shakes his head like he will get on with the story now)....I mean really. I'm gonna go way, way back because a lot of our audience that is sitting there watching this will say 'my kids, or my brothers and sisters go to these Matrix movies and they love them and they have them all on DVD.' Can you describe what they're about?

Keanu: (laughs) What is The Matrix? Gosh. I think... what are they about? Um.... ultimately, I guess ultimately they are about love, I guess ultimately.

Journalist: This whole story about a battle between humans and machines and a climax of which happens in this third movie.

Keanu: You describe it better than I do! If you want to do it in terms of reality, that clash between man and machine I guess for me, I try to come out through the internal side of it.

Journalist: Sure. Carrie-Anne Moss says,"There is no one who works as hard or is as hard on themselves as Keanu is. Sometimes there would be times where I would cover my ears and eyes worried that he was pushing himself too far."

Keanu: (laughs)

Journalist: Why do you make that much of a commitment to making these films?

Keanu:'s just really enjoyable and it's something I love so to me I guess...

Journalist: There were years before this came along, everyone knew who you were, then this thing came along. It's made billions of dollars. What has this done to your life?

Keanu: It hasn't hurt my career!

Journalist & Keanu: (laugh)

Keanu: Which means getting the chance to do other projects and to work I guess, the impact of the relationships I have with Carrie-Anne, Laurence Fishburne, Hugo Weaving and Larry and Andy Wachowski. Just the people I worked with.

Journalist: There's so many layers of allegory and everything else and people who love these films disect them!

Keanu: I know, they're great platforms for that, it's fun....Matrix talk!

Journalist: Do you meet people on the streeet and do they put their arms around you and say, "Listen, I really understand what the Matrix is"?

Keanu: Yeah. Right. All the time! Matrix questions, which is fun, it's fun to be part of a film that people speak about, which is what you hope for.

Journalist: I want to talk about, and look at the ultimate climax of this film. We're gonna roll tape and let's talk about it.

Keanu: Okay!

Journalist: Because you have a big battle with Smith.

(starts showing a clip while talking)

Journalist: Is it a battle between good and evil or is it a battle between man and machine and how the heck do you they do that if you're up in the air?! You're not on wires?

Keanu: Kind of on wires. We're standing, and flipping, we've got some rigs. That brings back memories! Memories in the rain!

Journalist: (laughs) They guy who plays Smith is so good, he's become more and more sinister and evil.

(shows behind the scenes of rain fight)

Keanu: Hugo Weaving.

Journalist: Yeah! Oh here's a little....OH GOD! Geesh! (He's commenting on them fighting) Is it just impossibly difficult or physically hard to do this kind of a movie?

Keanu: Um... no, I mean, it's got it's elements like there you can see we were in the rain for 6 weeks fighting. The 1st take Hugo Weaving and I, who plays Smith, we were training for 6 weeks fighting and we did take 1 and they had the rain that they had and we had never fought with the rain so after all this training I was like, "I can't see you!" and Hugo said, "I can't see you either!" cause it was coming down, but you know, we took care of each other.

Journalist: And we're gonna see you in December... (laughs) don't have to play the messiah in this one!

Keanu: No, I'm a doctor actually. I got to work with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton on a Nancy Meyers romantic comedy, which was absolutely extraordinary!

Journalist: That must be fun!

Keanu: Yeah! It's Jack and Diane!

Journalist: (does imitation of Jack) "JACK!"

Keanu: "JACK!" He's the one! He's a lovely man!

Journalist: Good to see you!

Keanu: Cheers man.

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