BBC (UK), November 10, 2003

Matrix has 'world record opening'

The final part of The Matrix trilogy has taken $204m (£120m) at cinemas around the world in a record-breaking opening weekend.

The Matrix Revolutions was released on Wednesday at exactly the same time on 18,000 screens in about 100 countries.

Studio Warner Bros said it became the biggest global film opening of all time, beating the $188m (£110m) taken by 2002's Lord of the Rings sequel.

Romantic comedy Love Actually took $6.6 m (£3.89m) at US cinemas.

The film, which features a mainly British cast including Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon, came in at number six in the North American box office chart.

Ticket sales

The Matrix Revolution's healthy start ensures its place as one of the biggest franchises in cinematic history.

The first two films - The Matrix from 1999 and this year's The Matrix Reloaded - have already made almost $1.2bn (£710m) combined in worldwide ticket sales.

The franchise has made hundreds of millions more in video and DVD distribution and video game sales.

The latest film took $50.2m (£29.58m) in US and Canadian cinemas between Friday and Sunday, bringing the total since Wednesday to $85.5m (£50.3m).

Family comedy Elf, starring Will Ferrell and James Caan, opened at no 2 in the US, taking $32.1m (£18.92m) over the weekend. Walt Disney's Brother Bear slipped to third, and horror spoof Scary Movie 3 fell to fourth.

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