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Keanu by the numbers

With the blockbuster The Matrix Revolutions once more fueling the mania for Keanu Reeves, here are the highlights from the actor’s career, with US box-office grosses:

* Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989), Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991): Lovable lame-brains Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Reeves) are talentless heavy-metal wannabes on a time-traveling romp to research a school history project. In the sequel, the pals are killed and sent to the underworld, where they engage Death in a battle of wits (and Twister) to return topside. Excellent Adventure, $40.5 million; Bogus Journey, $38 million.

* Point Break (1991): FBI guy Reeves goes undercover as a surfer dude to infiltrate a gang of beach-bum bank robbers led by Patrick Swayze. $40.7 million.

* My Own Private Idaho (1991): Rich kid Reeves goes slumming as a street hustler, befriending narcoleptic male prostitute River Phoenix in a gay modern take on Shakespeare’s Henry IV. $6.4 million.

* Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992): Francis Ford Coppola stakes his vampire claim, with Reeves as a young business agent victimized by the count (Gary Oldman) and his bloodsucking babes, then joining the hunt for the creature. $82.5 million.

* Much Ado About Nothing (1993): Kenneth Branagh’s bonny Shakespeare update casts Reeves as the meanie, who conspires to foil a romance overseen by his benevolent brother (Denzel Washington). $22.5 million.

* Speed (1994): SWAT cop Reeves and involuntary designated driver Sandra Bullock duel with a mad bomber (Dennis Hopper) who has rigged a Los Angeles bus to explode if its velocity drops below 50 mph. $121.2 million.

* A Walk in the Clouds (1995): World War II vet Reeves comes home and volunteers to help a pregnant woman by posing as her hubby to pacify her father. Needless to say, love ensues, along with disapproval from the in-laws. $50 million.

* The Devil’s Advocate (1997): Hotshot young lawyer Reeves is recruited by a powerhouse law firm where his boss (Al Pacino) turns out to be Satan. In other words, a true story. $60.9 million.

* The Matrix (1999): Reeves takes the world by storm as slacker hacker Thomas Anderson, who’s convinced by shady but chic Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss that he’s destined to defeat evil machines, which have created a virtual-reality sham to enslave humanity. $171.4 million.

* The Replacements (2000): Scab quarterback Reeves and substitute coach Gene Hackman whip a bunch of pro football misfits into shape during a player strike. $44.7 million.

* Hardball (2001): Loser gambler Reeves is bailed out by a pal who forces him to coach an inner-city boys baseball team, where he finds salvation and a girlfriend (Diane Lane). $40.2 million.

* The Matrix Reloaded (2003): Reeves is back as Neo, the savior formerly known as Thomas Anderson, during it out with more machines and scores of villainous Agent Smiths (Hugo Weaving) in the middle chapter of the Wachowski brothers’ sci-fi saga. $281.5 million.


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