(US), November 12, 2003

Line 6 in the Real World

A band comprised of actors, a reality show contestant, and, most importantly, musicians—all rolled into one—has gotta be from Los Angeles. Viper Room babies "becky!" have recently taken over the Sunset Strip with their unique brand of "Power-Pop-Punk!"

Guitarist Paulie Kosta is currently using Vetta HD with a Line 6 412 Cab for live shows and recording. "My Line 6 Vetta... Power, Finesse, and NO LIMITS!", raves Paulie (aka. Durnan Sawchuck). "This rig @#$%&* ROCKS!"

Lead singer Rebecca Lord (hence the name "becky!") was a member of the Real World Seattle cast on MTV, drummer Robert Mailhouse has appeared on Melrose Place, Seinfeld, and CSI, and the bass player is some guy named Keanu Reeves? Beats me, I only watch PBS.

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