National Enquirer (US), November 18, 2003

Keanu Reeves Desperate to reconcile his mom & dying sister

by Ellen Goodstein

Keanu Reeves is desperately trying to reunite his shattered family before his beloved sister Kim loses her battle with leukemia.

The "Matrix" star has been working tirelessly to reconcile his ailing sister and his mother Patric, who sources say haven't spoken in years.

"Keanu loves his mother and his sister dearly and it tears him apart that the two most important women in his life don't talk," a source close to the family told The ENQUIRER.

"With Kim's health deteriorating, Keanu has stepped up his efforts to bring harmony back to his family.

"He doesn't have any idea how long Kim has left. Getting Kim and their mom to make up has become a priority.

"For a longtime Keanu accepted the rift between his mother and Kim. He wasn't happy about it but as much as he tried to get them to make up, he was unsuccessful. For a while, he just let things be.

"Now he's really tried to lay it on the line.

"He told both of them, 'This is really important to me. I want us to be a family again.'

"It's been very frustrating for Keanu. He finally decided to set a deadline.

"Keanu wants to have Thanksgiving dinner in his new Hollywood Hills home and is inviting both his mother and his sister. He told them he won't take no for an answer."

Kim and British-born Patric had a falling out in part over a young English woman who became like another daughter to Patric and Kim felt completely out in the cold, said the source. The situation is further complicated because Keanu and Kim aren't thrilled with Patric's current boyfriend.

"Keanu feels if he can bring about a reconciliation, both his sister and his mother will be happier for it," said the source.

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